It’s beautiful to see so many Muslim woman doing such big things — challenging norms and paving new paths for themselves. Some are some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, others are making waves in the sports industry, many are killing the game in the medical field… the list goes on and on. Today we want to focus on Muslim women who are putting their ALL into fighting for justice — and by all, yes, we mean blood, sweat, and tears. 

Here’s a list of 10 Muslim women whose determination doesn’t falter when it comes to fighting for justice, whether it’s for Palestine or for the under priviledged communities in their local community. Check them out below and get inspired. 

#1 Rasha Mubarak(@rashamk)



#2 Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour)



#3 Rashida Talib(@rashidatlaib)



#4 Khadega Mohammed (@thekhadegamo)



#5 Hazel Gomez (@gomezhazellee)



#6 Isra Chaker(@israspeaks)



#7 Maali Luqman (@maaliluqman)



#8 Amal Kassir (@amalthepoet)



#9Aminah Musa(@goldenmuseco)



#10 Arij Mikati (@arijmikati)



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