It’s the best day of the year… HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, Y’ALL!!!

Here at Verona Collection, we love #IWD for a myriad of reasons, with the most significant one being that it gives both men and women an opportunity to practice supporting, uplifting, and genuinely caring for [other] women. 

All of us need to do better. Let’s make it happen. 

International Women’s Day is a day where the unsolved problems and struggles women face on a daily basis are brought to light and projected at a heightened level, including education, the gender wage gap, maternity leave, domestic violence, and so much more. We all know that the list is long. But also on this day, women are recognized for their continuous, undying strength and incredible achievements — even if both are solely defined by embodying stillness in the midst of the chaos. 

So, how can we do better? How can we express a genuine sense of encouragement and support to our women? How can we be + become effective allies?

  • Be willing to listen
        1. It’s important to remember and understand that many women are often pressured to fit into a pre-made mould — a false sense of perfection that either their families, communities, or society has created for them. To make it even more difficult, many of these women have never been given space to share their stories or explore the way they view themselves, based on those stories and all of their experiences. Let’s be the ones who are willing to not only listen, but also willing to create safe spaces for women — encouraging them to speak their mind, share their point of view, vent about their pain, and even talk about how they have worked/are working to overcome their struggles.
  • Respect their hustle
        1. Muslim women can be found in various fields across the board, from Medicine to Advertising, and we need to acknowledge their hard work. It’s not easy, especially when women are not only putting their best foot forward at work, but also fighting for equal pay rights and simply struggling to be heard… even in the workplace. Women who are entrepreneurs face their own fair share of struggles, and this is where both me and you play a huge role. Let’s support the work of our sisters and make an effort to amplify their voices by sharing that work. With nearly 3 billion people using social media around the world, an quick way to share the work of Muslim women is through our social platforms. Go to their performances, buy the books they’ve published, attend events they are speaking at, feature them in your articles, buy the clothing items they’ve designed. Simply leaving a genuine comment on art they’ve created can make a huge difference. 
  • Create a culture of belonging 
      1. There is no denial that we are living in a time of steadily increasing racism and Islamophobia. Far more than just often, Muslim women are victims of unwanted comments, rooted in a misrepresentation of Islam, prejudice, or simply hate. If you witness a sister being attacked, even verbally, take action and interject. This is what will create a stronger culture of belonging. Make sure to also be wary of what kind of comments are made to or about Muslim women in your smaller circles — always speak up and challenge your peers — the smallest microagressions can sometimes leave the biggest impact. 

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