We all know bloggers [or Instagram influencers] who specialize in beauty, wellness, fitness, travel, or even peculiar topics like the color yellow! But — let’s take a minute to ALSO appreciate the bloggers whose focus is on deconstructing stereotypes about women + shining light on all of our abilities and potential.

We’ve rounded up 10 women + their IG accounts, who aren’t afraid to keep it real. Whether they have 100 followers or 100,000, these incredible women are speaking up about topics that they are passionate about — topics that need to be addressed, especially in our communities — which is EXACTLY why we think you should follow them, if you haven’t already.

    1. Bisma Pervez at @bismap



          1. A beautiful and talented wife and mother of two, Bisma is a board member of non-profit KBK Relief Foundation and also a writer for platforms like The Tempest and Huffpost. She talks about everything younger women need to hear — from how friends can save your marriage to sexual assault/abuse.

        2. Hazel Gomez @hazelita



          1. Wife, mother, community organizer, public speaker, and seeker of ‘ilm (knowledge) — Hazel is doing it all and doing GREAT. Her work with Dream of Detroit consists of uniting Muslims to rebuild one of the city’s long-neglected neighborhoods. She speaks about her work and experience as a Latina Muslim revert, inspiring women of all backgrounds to find their calling and pursue their passions.  

        3. Malak Simli @malaksimli



          1. Based out of Metro-Detroit, Malak is making waves as an up and coming journalist. She was recently a part of the New York Times’ Student Journalism Institute for the class of 2019; her story was on the front page and was focused on how Muslim students juggle classes and faith during the holy month of Ramadan.

        4. Bayan Founas @thatalgerian



          1. Bayan is a Detroit educator and poet who recently published her poetry book, “Diary of a Daughter in Diaspora.” Her words will hit you hard and make you realize the importance of vulnerability and the meaning of honest art.

        5. Khadega Mohamed @thekhadegamo



          1. This young, Sudanese all-star identifies as being unapolgetically Muslim and unopolegtically Black. Khadega is absolutely unafraid to speak about things she is passionate about, including racism, prejudism, and how to be an activist that is making moves to bring change.

        6. Jinahie @jinahie



          1. Jinahie is an Egyptian-American performance artist, educator, and social justice activist. She is now in her fifth year of her national tour, performing at colleges and universities across the country — speaking on topics like identity and self-worth.

        7. Tahera Rahman @taheratv



          1. Tahera is a broadcast journalist based out of Chicago who is constantly breaking barriers without breaking principles — yup, this is an actual topic she spoke about for Yaqeen Institute! Tahera often talks about her journey as a hijabi television reporter and the various struggles that crossed her path en route.

        8. Nesima @nesimaa



          1. A poet, writer, and organizer, Nesima has released an incredible amount of powerful, vulnerable poetry on her Instagram page. She also writes for The Atlantic and works with the DC Muslim Writers Collective.

        9. Neerali Patel @neerali_



          1. Neerali is a spoken word poet based out of Philly! She is constantly hustling and working hard, writing about women empowerment, identity, self-worth, and romance.

        10. Ayah @_ayahc_



          1. A poet and storyteller, Ayah uses her words and her voice to activate inspiration and change within her community and beyond. She touches on a variety of topics, ranging from spirituality to the diaspora experience.


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