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Aadil Abedi is an acclaimed Artist and designer. Contemporary Arabic and Indian influences, alongside rich and vibrant colours characterize his work. Inspired by typography Aadil uses Arabic calligraphy, Sufism, poetry and religious history as themes to creates original artwork with a contemporary effect, giving ancient traditions a modern twist.

Aadil is currently touring the US with his work and has so far exhibited in Washington DC, Chicago, Michigan, Atlanta and Houston. He has engaged in Q&A’s with the likes of Mehdi Hasan and his work has been gifted to celebrities which include: Bollywood royalty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hollywood celebrity Riz Ahmed, Congressman Keith Ellison, Founder of ClassPass Payal Kadakia, London’s elite Jemima Goldsmith and Royal families in the Middle-East. More recently his work was featured on CBS Network show NCIS: New Orleans and he collaborated with Motivational Speaker Jay Shetty on a Rumi poetry video series on social media.

“Given the current climate we’re in, it’s even more important to showcase that there is something beautiful in our faith, in our traditions, in our art and culture. As a Muslim, in my small capacity, if I can share something that propels our history, culture and art in a more healthy way, on a more human level, that’s what I want to do.”

Aadil’s journey to becoming an artist has been anything but ordinary. After graduating with an Economics degree he realised the nine-to-five world wasn’t for him, so he took the bold step of going to New York and secured a place in one of the most prestigious film schools in the world. That led to a leading role in an Independent Bollywood film, which was screened at various film festivals. But Aadil’s passion was always painting and he decided to channel his creativity into making this his full time career. His art continues to grow from strength to strength, gaining recognition and an increasing client base across the world.



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