10 Muslimah’s you need to know

Hassan Mawji

Dec 05, 2016


Amal Kassir

This Syrian-American is a poetry queen. Focused on targeting injustice, her powerful words penetrate the hearts and minds of anyone listening.

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan has made history by becoming America’s first Somali-American lawmaker. She has taken initiative to solve issues by reaching for the root of its problem.

Saba Chaudhry Barnard

This Pakistani-American creates iconic art that counteracts the foreignization of Muslim women by depicting them as what they are: your average every-day citizen.

Linda Sarsour

This Palestinian-American is an activism powerhouse. From being on the front lines of a Black Lives Matter march to joining the Native Americans in solidarity in North Dakota, Linda Sarsour leaves no social injustice issue unturned.

Halima Aden

This Somali-American is challenging society’s standard for what “beauty” is by being the first Muslimah to join the Miss Minnesota Pageant. Her message is to prove that your beauty can shine no matter how you dress.

Mona Haydar

This Syrian-American is a pioneer for bridging the gap between Islam and those wanting to understand it. Her “Ask a Muslim” booths pop up all over America where she offers donuts, flowers, and conversation.

Yasmin Mogahed

This Egyptian-American is a source of empowerment for women around the world. Poet, speaker, and public figure, her message resonates with all.

Nura Afia

This Moroccan-American is a renowned beauty blogger who has made history of her own. Nura Afia is the first hijabi to be the face of Cover Girl Cosmetics.

Hawa Fuseini

This Nigerian-American is a published author and writer. Her work sheds a light on the struggle of not only being a Muslim in America, but also being a black Muslim in America.

Sana Hamze

Although being denied permission to wear her hijab at the Citadel military school, she continued to follow her dream without compromising her beliefs. This Lebanese-American is now the first Muslimah to rock her hijab at Norwich University, America’s oldest private military education institution.


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    Bonjour merci

  • Posted by Saied Ashour on

    Asalamwalikum sister, why only 10!? I think I can think of at least 50 Muslimahs that deserve recognition. Please don’t shortchange our ummah and reconsider jazakallahkhair

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    I really2 appreciate them.. But sometimes I really desperate coz I am a Moslem but I came from broken home girl.. I wish I could connected with a great Moslems around the world coz I have a dream to travel around the world
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